Wireless Ventures Sponsored by Networks Worldwide for the Second Year

Wireless Ventures, 3 & 4 May 2006
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA

London, March 2006 –
Wellfleet Communications, Xylan, Compaq, Sonus Networks, Trend Micro, TippingPoint, to name a few, all used Networks Worldwide for key international hires in order to significantly increase revenue and secure a market dominating position so be sure to visit Networks Worldwide at Wireless Ventures and find out how you can do the same.

Networks Worldwide
Networks Worldwide - founded in 1994 to bring a whole new philosophy to Executive Search in the IT industry, capitalizing on the amazing advances in the technology which our customers are selling and marketing. Networks Worldwide has evolved through a dynamic evolution in the Internet and Network industry, which has shown dramatic peaks and troughs during our involvement. During both good and bad times, we have forged close partnerships with our customers which ensures we understand, anticipate and react to their needs and it is this which has allowed us to ride out the industry storm and be in the position we are today.

Wireless Ventures
At this year’s Wireless Ventures, the focus is on technologies and services that enable mobility - both for consumers and in the enterprise. As businesses seek to further streamline communications and operations - and as consumers seek a constantly connected lifestyle - wireless networking technologies are increasingly in demand. At VentureWire's Wireless Ventures, we'll focus in great depth on revenue and profit generation strategies as well as on the technologies, services, and products in hot sectors such as mobile content, enabling technologies, communications, carrier products, wireless messaging, and more.


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